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The Switch Trout - Psycho Actiondot
artworkThis is basically just garage trash rock, where volume is substituted for talent. Oh, the playing is OK, but the writing is devoid of melody, leaving most tracks begging for a vocal to front them. The sound is thin and amateur at best, with stereo so narrow it might as well be mono. Think Billy Childish / Mono Men / Sir Bald Diddley. You definitely need earplugs for this band... on both fronts.
Picks: Psychodestruct, Electronic Block Surf, C.O.L.O.A.L., Searchin' For My Boots, Brandish, Test Driver, Shake Some Rod Action, Jack Pot, In The Kitchen, Cyclone, Pedal Pressure, Zoot Suit, Kushticaw, Be Off Onion, Kaminari War

Track by Track Review

Psychodestruct dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Ultra intense fuzzomatic chunkin' riff rock. The repetitive nature of the riff is overcome with high energy and a fast pace, plus a number of changes. Totally in your mug.

Electronic Block Surf dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

A rough pick slide opens... The drums almost next door, and a riff rock excursion ensues. Like a low grade Mono Men track.

C.O.L.O.A.L. dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Two chords and an attitude do not make a song. Fuzzy and forceful, but just a Neanderthal puff.

Searchin' For My Boots dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

"Searchin' For My Boots" is a riff rockin' power surging Link Wray wanna be.

Brandish dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

This would be a great garage fuzz rocker with a vocal over the top. It just has no melody focus.

Test Driver dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Jammin' noodleage, intense garage assault, and lots of power, except in the poorly captured drums. Too repetitious.

Shake Some Rod Action
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Pure trash... a garage 415 disturbance call... next.

Jack Pot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

More of less... trashy sound. Just loud. There's almost a melody... but the sound sux!

In The Kitchen
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

It just keeps getting cruddier... awful distorted noise.

Cyclone dot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Heavy thud rock... Then the ultra crappy main body comes along... next.

Pedal Pressure
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Subtitled "Bomb The Radio," this is just another riff rock backtrack.

Zoot Suit
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Jeesh! I didn't think it could sound worse, but this is like a cassette next door to the show. All noise, no style. A brash cover of the High Numbers' "Zoot Suit" is aggressive and likely a ball live, but it just wears thin on record.

Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

Keeping in the groove so delicately crafted, the Switch Trout deliver another noise fest.

Be Off Onion dotdot
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

This is essentially "Green Onions." Better than most here, still just trashy.

Kaminari War
Garage Trash Rock (Instrumental)

More thin sounding garage trash rock.