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T. Swift and the Electric Bag - Are You Experienceddotdotdot
artworkFirst off, there's no surf here, well not exactly. This is a studio psych session. It's one of a million Jerry Cole projects. That clarified, you can meander in the wash of invention that are tracks like "Free Form In 6" and "Expo In Sound," and if you dug Cole's earlier surf projects like his Outer Limits album, then you will recognize "The Strut," which first appeared there, and also appears on his last CD, Back To The Boards. This is the Crown reissue from 1968.
Picks: The Jet, What's Your Bag? , Free Form In 6

Track by Track Review

Red Eyes dotdot
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

"Red Eyes" is a jammy faux psych track with R&B organ and a pumping bass line. It's not melodic, more like a Memphis session jam.

The Jet dotdotdot
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

This is a pretty well done cover of The Boxtops' "The Letter," with a fluid sound and rock edge. Some great tone, and lots of period pop-psych sensibility.

What's Your Bag? dotdotdot
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

This flowing track has a bit of a sad feeling about it. Nicely performed, especially the swirly organ glissandos that sound so Sunset Strip. "What's Your Bag? " hints of Iron Butterfly at times.

Free Form In 6 dotdotdotdot
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

Jazz drums a la Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Take Five"), and there are other similarities too. The guitar noodles around in a flight of fancy, While the bass plays a superb psych run, and the organ holds up its end of the bargain. Plenty of mind numbing string work, and feedback, and more. "Free Form In 6" is pretty darn trippy.

The Stinger dotdotdot
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

"The Stinger" is jammy and not up to the trippier side of T. Swift and the Electric Bag. Just riff rock in my opinion.

The Strut dotdotdot
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

Jerry Cole and his Spacemen's "The Strut" is updated to 1968 blues rock standards. While a lot like other such tracks, it's crunchy and very well played.

Expo In Sound
Faux Psych (Instrumental)

Super trippy weirdness from "Expo In Sound." Right from the start, the bass (fretless?) or synth plays super low down slithering grumble, while the guitar and organ meander in and out of awareness. Howling feedback and a ballroom groove complete this adventurous number. If you ever went to the midsize ballrooms back in the dazed and confused days, you heard these kinds of sounds.