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Swamp Donkeys - Beach Blanket Bondage A Go Godotdotdot
artworkAs you might expect from the name, Swamp Donkeys have both feet firmly planted in punk, with reverb on the guitar. Most of the material is born of that genre, so melody is not the focus. Half the CD is vocal, and half instro. Aggression is the order of the day. Recording wise, it is mixed like punk, so the guitar is low in the mix, and the bass and drums have that small club house sound. Among the more interesting punkoidal instros. Two stars for surf, three+ for punk.
Picks: White Widow, Shootout In Hidden Canyon, Area 51, Elder Diablo, Speed Demon, High Roller, Magna's On Fire, Medication Time

Track by Track Review

White Widow dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

Chunky chord instro and a garage bass line support a punk influenced reverb assault The riff is not too melodic, but within the paradigm, works well.

Shootout In Hidden Canyon dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

Sorta spy chordage, more bass than guitar, and a punkie surf jam riff. The drums are definitely punk, as is the structure.

Area 51 dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

"Area 51" is more surf than punk, with a more surf oriented riff. Dark and racing, it assaults the calm.

Elder Diablo dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

Crunchy surf punk, with some thunder and a mean riff. The focus is definitely punk... thrashy punk with reverb.

Speed Demon dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

Thrash is the order of the day, with speedy drums and a guitar track that seems to be waiting for a vocal. It lacks a melody to hold it together, but sports no shortage of power and energy.

High Roller dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

"High Roller" is among the more melodic tracks here. It suffers from a guitar too low in the mix, but the mosh pit surf pink ethic works well enough. Somewhat like a cross between Kelp and LA punk.

Magna's On Fire dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

"Magna's On Fire" sports a crash and burn groove and a decent surf riff, with cool raw vibrato and a garage chunk. I think this is my fave on this CD. Nice double picking and solid edge.

Medication Time dotdotdot
Reverb Punk (Instrumental)

"Medication Time" is a demented change from an otherwise aurally consistent CD. The twisted guitar tone and warble oozes the need for medication, a pre-sedation nervous turmoil. Punks waiting in the "white room" to be "calmed."