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The Surf Trio - Hang 10 c/w Mile Zerodotdotdot
artworkOne of Portland Oregon's longest running surf bands. I have been playing their music since Voxx issued their album in the mid eighties. They continue to tread softly across the sixties garage punk and surf band lines. "Hang 10" is a cool surf vocal track, but it is "Mile Zero" that gets my vote. Both of these tracks have been on CD before, issued on the hard to find self titled German Compilation of their early works on September Gurls Records. This band continues to impress me. One day, I hope to get 'em into KFJC to shred the airwaves. When last I talked with the band, they were planning a new all instrumental CD. I'm waiting, boys!
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Mile Zero dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Surf n' shred into the night. Similar in structure and sound to the TLC Neat Stuff sessions. The low-E double picked melody line is cool and to the point. Crunchy dark and double picked, this has a solid melody line, and a familiar feel. It's a simple progression that works really well.