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The Surftones - Who Stole My Hypnotics?dotdotdot
artworkThis is the second CD from Finish instro band the Surftones. Their sound this time out has migrated from Euro clean somewhat Laika & the Cosmonauts influenced to a much edgier slightly psycho ward sound with extra weird on the side. It is a very col and unusual disc on the edge of surf, like maybe the Reventlos without the reverb and King Kong Krunch.
Picks: Intra-Atomic, Who Stole My Hypnotics?, Insects Night Off, Slow Swells Of Last Night, Point Of Extreme, Long Cool Fever, Virago, Theme From The Strange Widgets, Mr. Maximus, Atrocity

Track by Track Review

Intra-Atomic dotdotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

Big crunch and screaming glissandoes delivered at breakneck speed. The organ pumps in that now familiar Laika chop behind this very enjoyable and happy melody. The drums fly, and the energy rages from the track. Excellent fun.

Who Stole My Hypnotics? dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

James Bond's theremin warbles behind the organ and the big guitar, usher forth an espionage melody right out of a sixties spy epic. Shimmering and dramatic, derivative without being stale.

Insects Night Off dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

"Insects Night Off" is a quirky sorta thing with Los Straitjackets written all over it, and maybe carnival rock too. Fun and purely for those not afraid to enjoy music that has no cerebral impact or social conscience.

Slow Swells Of Last Night dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

"Slow Swells Of Last Night" is a mid tempo song with a shimmering vibrato lead and slightly tribal drums, and a Euro swill sound. The combination is unnerving, leaving you to like what you are expecting to dismiss. very tasty and fun.

Point Of Extreme dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

fast and chunky, pierced by screams, and structured like pre-world tour Laika & the Cosmonauts. Excellent and fun.

Long Cool Fever dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

With hints of Devo and twerpy keyboards, this suave post lounge number seems to laugh at whatever is left of your sophistication. Only uninhibited childhood appreciation remains to rule your record collection. Boy, are you in trouble.

Virago dotdotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

Intense and very interesting! This is a solid kick but number with friendly sound and playful tones. It's just too fun, while still being a powerhouse. I think this is the high point of the disc.

Theme From The Strange Widgets dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

Riff and roll, with the main melody in a Shadows style, with seventies prog tones. "Theme From The Strange Widgets" reminds me a lot of Welsh band the Neutrons' "Snow Covered Eyes" in the break. I was not sucked in until I got to the break, and then I was hooked.

Mr. Maximus dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

The doctor is in need of a prescription. His calliope melody and tone overcomes his stethoscopic rhythms and Polynesian whammy to create a miracle recovery for a vacation gone bad. "What" you ask? Trust me, when you here this, it'll all make sense. The low down in the throat words are like Martin Jones' "war is over" on the Mermen's Christmas CD.

Atrocity dotdotdot
Weird Post Surf (Instrumental)

Scary, maybe even threatening, this weird science warbler drools somethings-not-right from the corner of its mouth while hinting of the Neutrons. Very cool and suave, as in mental ward chic.