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Surf Swirlies - Beach Partydotdotdot
artworkthe Surf Swirlies play snotty modern post surf punk grind, with lyrics about the beach and the surf. They use modern rock as a platform, with occasional reggae influences, and hints of California music roots. Musically thick, with pop overtones. It's been a while since a new vocal act covered the beach. The lyrics display a complete lack of understanding of the surf culture, yet have a simpleton's magnatism.
Picks: Ocean Side Blunt

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Ocean Side Blunt dotdotdot
Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

Opening with a long episode of the waves lapping the shore, "Ocean Side Blunt" moves into a bass-heavy reggae thing with a smooth melody riff and warm oceanic sound. Not reverby at all, and not at all in the typical surf groove, this is a new hybrid with a fresh sound.