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Surf Report - Lavarockreverbdotdotdot
artworkWow! Surf Report has passed into a new phase of intense powerfully driven eat-sand grinder surf. Given the 4 track cassette multi-tracking, this is an amazingly solid document. Their music has evolved (or devolved?) into a post metal mayhem of Uli Roth and Black Sabbath surf with Agent Orange underpinnings. It's a brutal combination, with no remnants of their trad surf roots remaining. If you're looking for trad surf, you'll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you're willing to take a death metal ride on huge outsiders, this will knock your baggies off.
Picks: Pencil Fight, Exotic, Catalina, A-Salam-Aliekum, Heptane, Crush The Infidel, Chain Smoker, Knuckle Sandwich, Hazel, Fishtail, Disposable Heroes / Frostbite

Track by Track Review

Pencil Fight dotdotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Major drive and rhythmic power attack, fuzzed guitars, and fiery picking. More than a mere pencil fight, this is a chalk brawl! Big sound, full spectrum assault.

Exotic dotdotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Much like the way Mike Palm plays this tune with Agent Orange, Surf Report drive the song until it cries uncle. Super powerful, and edged for a fight. Intense and demanding of your attention. Excellent guitarology is displayed. A rock 'n' roll classic to be.

Catalina dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Chorded a bit like "What Have I Got Of My Own," "Catalina" sports a frothy Spanish island feel, with that infectious damped rhythm thing happening. Excellent listening.

A-Salam-Aliekum dotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Big assault thrasher, more progression than melody. A mosh pit soundtrack.

Heptane dotdotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Like an Uli Roth period Scorpions assault, this rips the scalp from your skull, stuffs the cavity with power grinder edge, and then replaces the wig like nothing has happened. Inspired, and insanely driven.

Crush The Infidel dotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Agent Orange drips from the intro and structure. The power is large, and the energy unabashed. Midstream, "Crush The Infidel" drops into a huge monster metal mayhem sludger, like Motorhead slowed down.

Chain Smoker dotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Big, power chord drum mayhem super chunk... Amazing energy.

Knuckle Sandwich dotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Agent Orange structure, dirty metal monster power, and excellent guitar work. "Knuckle Sandwich" is a solid track with tons of power.

Hazel dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Hazel" slows the set down some, with a fluid and picturesque mood setter. It's not exactly melodic, but rather a canvas on which a picture of an afternoon is painted aurally. Very nice track.

Fishtail dotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Flying double picked metal mayhem, power grid sound, and larger than life energy. For whatever reason, this seems to stand out. It's not melodic, but it sure does demand your attention.

Disposable Heroes / Frostbite dotdotdot
Post Metal Surf (Instrumental)

Death metal chunk, dark images, wah-wah guitar, half pipe danger, and freeway madness. Someone's been listening to Black Sabbath again.