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The Surf Punks - Oh No! Not Them Again!dotdotdot
artworkThe Surf Punks were not an instro band. They didn't do instros at all really. However, on this disc is the instrumental treatment of "Wave Spy," so I thought I'd include it here. I personally like this CD better than any of their others, and "Wave Spy" (the vocal) is just about the best track, except for "Too Many Guys Out," "And The The Cops Came," and "People's Court." These guys were among the most fun to listen to. There's not a serious bone in their body. As a historical note, these guys personified the "California Beach English" segment on episode one of Robin McNeill's PBS series "The Story Of English."
Picks: Chumash, Wave Spy [Special French Instrumental Version], Gyrospaz, It's Over

Track by Track Review

Chumash dotdotdot
Alterno Surf (Instrumental)

Thick techno sludge, relentlessly driving a rhythm road to oblivion. This smacks of a laughing Joy Division at the morgue. There is a small amount of evil narration low in the mix. Extra cool and fun.

Wave Spy [Special French Instrumental Version] dotdotdot
Alterno Surf (Instrumental)

Not a trad inkling shall ever cross the Surf Punks' paths. This is a tongue in cheek treatment of the vocal backtrack, as was common during the eighties. The heavily treated lead guitar is just fine as it delivers "the riff." The crunchy attack is really cool. The "Special French Instrumental Version" is accomplished with extensive technical expertise... no vocal overdubs, except for the wailing and other accompaniment voicings. Otherwise, it is identical to the vocal version. It doesn't stand up as well, lacking a lead focus, yet it is quite serviceable among the alterno-surf tracks of the period.

Gyrospaz dotdotdot
Alterno Surf (Instrumental)

Mental ward new wave, white coated androids watching your every move. Thick, sludgy and rhythmic in a post-Devo way. This belongs in a Wendy's ad. Fun.

It's Over dotdotdot
Alterno Surf (Instrumental)

Essentially an instro with voicings more as an instrument than anything else. Evil, distant whirl and howl, like a soundtrack to a bad dream. It's make your laundry turn yellow.