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artwork"Crazy" Joe Fleming's surfanova lounge vibes come to CD. There's not one shred of surf instro here, but rather a full slab of instro lounge, slightly jazzy, vibes lead with keyboard, bass, and percussion, all recorded live while bar goers talk and laugh. Likely the backtrack is sequenced accompaniment. The whole "vibe" is a backdrop for a cocktail party for surfers on the H.M.S. Forget. There's no shortage of smoky bar scenery, and patrons ignoring the performance in droves. The noodling music is a perfect foundation for some movie scene at a neighborhood lounge. As a surf CD, it's entirely avoidable. As a party favor for your next cocktail event, it will fill the room with the required vibes without detracting from the mixing of the party goers. No Dirt stars, just an olive and a swizzle stick for the coat closet.

Track by Track Review

Psychedelic Surf (Instrumental)