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Surfin Wagner - Surfers Del Choquellapudotdotdot
artworkThis four track ep is available on Surfin Wagner's website. Two of the tracks are instros, and the other two are vocals, though one for only one verse. Surfin Wagner play a decidedly South American blend of garage, surf, punk, and psych that's original and fun.
Picks: Surfers Del Choquellapu

Track by Track Review

Psychedelic Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Following a goofy vocalized intro, "Y" launches into a frat rockish, surf influenced, and semi psychedelic instro that's all fun. Aurally, this reminds me a number of the indie singles that were issued in the mid eighties.

Surfers Del Choquellapu dotdotdot
Psychedelic Surf Punk (Instrumental)

From a punky garage foundation, "Surfers Del Choquellapu" romps along. The psychedelic lead meanders lightly atop a riff rock, frat rock style backtrack. Unusual and interesting.