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The Surfin' Robots - Cowabunga!dotdotdotdot
artworkWhat a great concept! Vocals include the brief machine narrated introduction "Central Surf Controler," the too-cool machine inversion of the Beach Boys "Electrosurf Up," the electro pop dance stylee of "Big Frightday," and the robot stroll mechanization of "Dance The Surfin' Robot," plus a few very short transition pieces. A thoroughly original concept born of the remixes of the dance clubs, like a tweaked out inversion of the Surf Coasters' Surfdelicious CD.
Picks: Central Surf Controler, Chemical Beach, Danger Surf, Surf Bit, CowabunGiga, Made In China, Surf: Impossible, Surfin' Robot Lament, Forbidden Beach

Track by Track Review

Central Surf Controler dotdotdot
Machine Surf (Vocal)

This is a short 24 second introduction to the CD. Machine voice and effects.

Chemical Beach dotdotdotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

The surf guitar plays a fine surf melody in a delicate damped reverbed style against machine electro backing that's both tweaky and strange, as well as attractive in an off balance way. Very cool!

Danger Surf dotdotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

Stereo deflected reverbed guitar riffs angular surf against a dark industrial gamescape with great snare with an almost timbales sound. "Danger Surf" is not melodic, but if ever there was such a thing as industrial surf, this is it! Intriguing.

Surf Bit dotdotdotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

A "Midnight Run" surf rhythm guitar pumps under a thumpy kick drum and almost silly carnival keyboard, with a double picked surf lead running over the top of it all. The contrast between the surf guitar and the electro weirdness is more than interesting. Very well done!

CowabunGiga dotdotdotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

Dick Dale-ish double picked guitar carries the lead melody line while the keys cry for a trip to the sideshow. More than just odd, "CowabunGiga" is catchy and grin-laden. Too cool!

Made In China dotdotdotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

Think surfin' Bauhaus... this is one unusual track, with long surf whammy chords and damped reverb as well. Not melodic, and structured just like electro tracks should be. Simply cool, with lots of tweaky sounds and inventive arranging.

Surf: Impossible dotdotdotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

Big thump, machine beats, damped surf rhythm guitar, YMO weirdness, and a loud surf-metal guitar lead riff. Mechanized, and stark.

Surfin' Robot Lament dotdotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

This is a short keyboard instro that's more a sequence of scenery than a song. Strange!

Forbidden Beach dotdot
Machine Surf (Instrumental)

"Forbidden Beach" is machine waves lapping at the factory floor. No music, just the ambiance of agua electra.