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Surfin Dave and the Absent Legends - In Search Of A Decent Haircutdotdotdot
artworkSurfin' Dave & the Absent Legends existed for a brief period during the eighties. This UK band issued one track on a comp, and then this album. Most of their material was vocal, with surfish backtracks and almost Modern Lovers vocal stylings. All too fun. They also cut three instros, all of which appear here.
Picks: Pistols At Dawn, Do The Bus Stop, The Bench

Track by Track Review

Pistols At Dawn dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Pistols At Dawn" is a very rhythmic number, in that eighties edge style, dryly chopped guitar, and grungy chunk. I like this track the best I think. I defines the eighties guitar instro. Tribal drums, guitar whammy twang, fast infectious guitar riffs, dramatic power shifts, and a very infectious guitar line.

Do The Bus Stop dotdotdotdot
Public Transportation Surf (Instrumental)

So, is this a dance or like "let's do lunch?" Does it matter? Less cool than "Pistol At Dawn," but still quite nice. This is a fast paced number, employing a chord progression similar to the Pastel Six's "Cinnamon Cinder," with playful string bending lead notes flying stinging your backside. makes you wanna take the bus to the beach.

The Bench dotdotdotdot
Public Transportation Surf (Instrumental)

Once at the bus stop, one parks the keester on "The Bench." It's often said that the best art is about things the artist knows well. Surfin' Dave musta spent a lot of time waiting for busses. The beat is slower and funkier, the guitar whammies, the melody line is deliberate and coy, and the innocence of the tune is quite endearing. A lazy day kinda surf tune, shimmering with a view of the distant surf from the bench at the buss stop.