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The Surfers - Songs From The Pipedotdot
artworkIf it's on Epic, it ain't surf! These guys are real surfers (pro in some cases). They say real surf music is like the ventures or the Beach Boys, and that they are somewhere in between that and Pennywise. I'm not sure what this all has to do with their music, though there are some hints of the Beach Boys. It's not very aquatic, just sorta atmospheric smooth. They sound like a haunting downer band, like a latter day Joy Division with major label production and Jim Thomas slight guitar influences. In any event, here's the review, 'cuz there are a couple of instros here, one to open and one to close the disc. The vocal work is mostly OK. Some of the guitar work is pretty cool too. I found it to be listenable and enjoyable. The CD-Extra version includes a slick promo QuickTime movie piece about the band.
Picks: Australia, Two Gether

Track by Track Review

Haunting Psychedelic (Instrumental)

This is a moody soundscape, like a stretched out Mermen track without the surf underpinning. It is howling and pretty cool, and I like enough. It's just inappropriate top be labeled "surf."

Two Gether
Deliberate Psychedelic (Instrumental)

A piano and a sad almost classical delivery of a moody piece opens into a howling swirling psychedelic fade away, which dissolves into an acoustic number with the howling feedback way in the back. Arty, but a bit too deliberate for my taste.