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The Surf Coasters - Private Recordingsdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a lovely CD of soft and sultry electric guitar music. It's a far cry from the usual Surf Coasters material.
Picks: The Smile Which Goes Out In The Evening, Gentle Breeze, Rose, The Lost New Song, After The Dream

Track by Track Review

The Smile Which Goes Out In The Evening dotdotdotdot
Electric Guitar (Instrumental)

"The Smile Which Goes Out In The Evening" is a very pretty song with stunning flow and exceptional playing. It's sound is lush and very endearing.

Gentle Breeze dotdotdotdot
Electric Guitar (Instrumental)

IN a semitropical arrangement, the Surf Coasters play a softly romantic and island breezy song with a beautiful sound. Everyone plays perfectly (natch!), and it all adds up to an extremely lovely track.

Rose dotdotdotdot
Electric Guitar (Instrumental)

"Rose" moves slowly in a lush ambiance of space and atmospherics. This is a simply a wonderful track for a gentle candle lit evening.

The Lost New Song dotdotdotdotdot
Electric Guitar (Instrumental)

The most rock thing here, "The Lost New Song" features liquid chords and inviting island whammy delivering a floating image of a sunset lagoon. This is really hard not to like. Its sound is lush, and its flow immediately connects with you. Very nice!

After The Dream dotdotdotdot
Electric Guitar (Instrumental)

With a classical guitar feeling, Shigeo Naka plays two guitars intertwined in a spatial scene of gentle rain and quiet awakening. Thoroughly enjoyable.