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The Surf City Allstar Band - I Get Arounddotdotdot
artworkThis is a very well produced package. It's loaded with interesting and personable interview sequences, and it even has a Jan and Dean promo film from the era. My first reaction to the "video" piece was how cheesy it was, then I noticed how much like the beach movies it was, and finally I realized how much current videos are like this. Priceless! Anyway, the DVD presents an in-studio look at veterans from the vocal surf era playing songs old and new. I'd like to see many more instros, but I enjoyed this DVD all the way through because of its behind the scenes style.
Picks: Apache, Apache with Angel

Track by Track Review

Apache dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Jerry Lordan's "Apache" is very nicely done by the Surf City Allstar Band, with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on lead. Lots of energy and very tight, with sterling performances from seasoned players. Miles outside the surf envelope, and perhaps relatively big hall rock arranged, it still is quite captivating.

Apache with Angel dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a bonus track, a slightly different take or mix or something. It's titled "Apache with Angel," and it's less slick and more rock 'n' roll, though the differences are fairly subtle. I personally like this better.