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The Surfaris - The Best Of The Surfarisdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is an 18 track budget mp3 album that includes the full five verse "Surfer Joe" and a bunch of great instros.
Picks: Wipe Out, Scatter Shield, Murphy The Surfie, Mystic Island Drums, Point Panic, Waikiki Run, Burnin' Rubber, Beat '65, Hiawatha, Big Surge, Surf Scene

Track by Track Review

Wipe Out dotdotdotdot
TV Surf (Instrumental)

"Wipe Out" is simply the definitive drummer's badge of courage. If he can do a decent "Wipe Out," he's hired. Simple, and written and recorded in just minutes, this is an international classic that has sold multimillions of copies, and still does every year worldwide. This is the long version.

Scatter Shield dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

One of the best album tracks from this band. It was a single, and still carries a lot of weight with me. The engine rev up - clutch blow up sound effects at the beginning are cool. It's a good vehicle for Ron Wilson's drumming, and it's melodic and powerful.

Murphy The Surfie dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A cover of the Joy Boys' (Australian surf band) instro that Ron Wilson fell in love with when they toured there in the sixties. It's up beat, happy, and really fun. It rolls along like a military march in high gear. Infectious high spirited fun.

Mystic Island Drums dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

In those days of obligatory drum solos, and particularly from the band that brought you "Wipe Out," it was mandatory for them to have a show off track for Ron. This features really heavy guitar chords and great drumming, showing just how much unique energy he had. Great fun.

Point Panic dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A-side of the follow up single to "Wipe Out." Great intro scream and tom toms. The fire in the bones of the band is clear here. High spirited, chunky, and rhythmic. Grand power glissandos, and those wonderful Ron Wilson drums. Jim Pash's sax is most appropriate. Not often covered, but a really good tune.

Waikiki Run dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The boy's first hit with "Wipe Out" and "Surfer Joe." Their follow up single was "Point Panic" c/w "Waikiki Run," the B-side of which is this track. It's a great tom tom surf rave. The manic island drums are splendid, and the brilliant blend of musical elements shows off the prowess of this mighty band.

Burnin' Rubber dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Burnin' Rubber" is one of those really catchy instros that marked the rise of surf. The gentle guitar lines are haunting. The song's structure is rhythm oriented, and the moderately modulated melody is very cool. It's songs like this that show just how powerful a simple melody can be when well written and well played. My hat's off to Jim Fuller, who made these sorts of track shine for the Surfaris. Ron Wilson's drum solo is short and tasty. Great listening... it'll get ya moving.

Beat '65 dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Richard Burns track that's been covered often. It came to the Surfaris sessions pretty late, and has much of the intended flair. Ron Wilson was still doing it with his band until his death. It's really cool.

Hiawatha dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Based on the melody from the Hamm's beer commercials of the day, this track is the best version of the tune first surfed up by the Nobles. It's Indian tom tom driven sensibility is infectious.

Big Surge dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A mighty simple big chord dramatic surf number. It's dynamics and power chord whammy create a truly storm-surf grinder. Very cool.

Surf Scene dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Another odd track, the band had a knack of writing and arranging tunes unlike any other surf band. It's false pauses are so cool, and when they underlay the super simple bluesy melody, it all comes together in a grand track. Wonderful.