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The Surfaces - Dangerous Exchangedotdotdot
artworkI don't know anything about The Surfaces, but I'd guess this is a home project because the songs are all arranged in a way that suggests a solo project. There are some really nice tracks here, a couple of pounders, and some whistling organ haunters as well. This is an adventure off the main drag, while being solidly surf based.
Picks: Lost Horizon, Ghost Theme, Dangerous Contact, Martian Secrets, Immersion, Tsunami Surfing, Phantoman, 5 Years On The Alien Planet, Astro Monstro, 60,000,000 Km To The Earth

Track by Track Review

Lost Horizon dotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Shimmering tremolo guitar, haunted keys, a surf beat and bass present a cool melody. The backtrack is fairly unchanging, and the organ whistles eerily at times. Certainly, "Lost Horizon" is an interesting track.

Ghost Theme dotdotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Cool surf drums and spy-like organ deliver the goods. While the organ is the main focus, it's the frequent short drum breaks and the guitar verse that make "Ghost Theme" shine. Really nice.

Dangerous Contact dotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

The organ is whistling in full Leslie while the guitar plays a circular riff. Slightly spy, a little haunted, and pretty darn cool. The drums are really nice, as is the surf tone.

Martian Secrets dotdotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Tribal drums, delicate reverb noises, and spooky keyboard... it's a simple and very original piece with charm and soul. The guitar lines, as minimal as they are, add immeasurably. Quite nice!

Immersion dotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

"Immersion" uses tremolo very effectively, and the organ annoys just enough. This is ghostly in its imagery, and nicely written.

Tsunami Surfing dotdotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Double picked surf darkness in a graveyard of aquatic turmoil. Great drums, cool guitar, and spooky ambiance. "Tsunami Surfing," while more about angst and edge than melody, is a very satisfying track. Thoroughly cool!

Phantoman dotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

This is a twang monster with whammy chords and great drums. It's very riff dominated, but also very effective. It kind of hints at what Duane Eddy might have done had he come along four years later. Bold and rich.

5 Years On The Alien Planet dotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

"5 Years On The Alien Planet" is a basic riff rocker with reverb and whammy chords. The organ holds long whistling chords while the guitar circles home with a cool progression. Kinda spy, and the delicate muted notes add quiet drama.

Astro Monstro dotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Dark twango guitar plays a circular melody riff above a slightly spooky backtrack dominated by really solid drums. Very cool!

60,000,000 Km To The Earth dotdotdotdot
Ghost Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Indian drums start off, but they quickly play a surf beat behind a double picked surf melody. Whammy chords, whistling organ, and solid surf drums.