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Los Straitjackets With The World Famous Pontani Sisters Featuring Kaiser George - Twist Partydotdot
artworkThis new release from Los Straitjackets is right in the swing of their current stage show, but it's a long way from the band we all know and love. six instros among a large number of very mediocre Vegas style rock band vocals. The extra DVD is likely fun for a beer party once, but is mostly just childish and silly. Live, the Pontani Sisters are cool for a couple of tracks, then they wear out their welcome. Kaiser George is even less engaging. If this is a diversion, let me know when the band is back on track.
Picks: Hypno-Twist, Footstomp!, On Tap, The Mad Scientwist, Prelude To A Twist, All Back To Drac's

Track by Track Review

Hypno-Twist dotdot
Twist (Instrumental)

Tribal go-go twistorama with horns and a pumpin' beat. This has all of the lack of direction and melody that as so prevalent among instros of the fifties and early sixties. It's pretty fun and quite danceable, but really not up to Los Straitjackets' level of cool.

Footstomp! dotdotdot
R&B (Instrumental)

Honkin' sax and swipin' guitar and chants of "foot stomp." "Footstomp!" is an authentic fifties R&B stomper, complete with sweaty sound and groove.

On Tap dotdotdot
Twist (Instrumental)

Guitar twangin' primitive rock with horns pours outta the speakers here. Very much like Hollywood film rock, and quite catchy.

The Mad Scientwist dotdotdotdot
Monster Horn Surf (Instrumental)

"The Mad Scientwist" is a very fun track, with whammy twang, surfable licks, tweaky electronic sounds, and richly fun guitar line. This purely fun track has lots to offer in that gimmicky single from the past kinda way.

Prelude To A Twist dotdotdot
Twist (Instrumental)

This is a fast spankin' chumper with large stereo key accents (which are overbearing on headphones). The high spirits carry the track. Not very melodic, but spiced with great drums and spunky fun.

All Back To Drac's dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a splendidly goofy surf instro with chicken plucking rhythm and Dracula wisdom inserted. This is a very fun track with an infectious sound. Haunted and sparkling with dockside danger.