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Stinky Pete - Sewer Surfin'dotdotdot
artworkStinky Pete are a trio from Peoria, Illinois. They have both feet in punk, but use a smoother (though just as aggressive) delivery. A sense of humor is evident throughout. Some tracks are a bit too riffy, others just fine. If you hate all of it, you'll still be mighty glad you have track 6, which is a long overdue trashing of "Classical Gas." Almost every track has voicing inserted. Some make sense, some are just there. An untitled seventh track is a silly narrative under a silly-serious vocal about the desperation of existence, like a Pepsi free "Institutionalized" with the punk removed. Deep, huh!
Picks: Oinky Oinky, Hot Tamale, Car 54, Triple Fin, Ankle Twist, Classical Stink

Track by Track Review

Oinky Oinky dotdotdot
Big Chord Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Stereo guitars drivin' piggy to market. "Oinky Oinky" possesses a punk underlayment, rides a relentless set of small fast tubes, and delivers ample power. More power than surf, but interesting nonetheless.

Hot Tamale dotdotdot
Big Chord Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Twin guitar riff rockin' instrumental grind. "Hot Tamale" sports more interest and some nice guitarology. Intense, aggressive, but not too punky. The kindly comments in the breaks make for better relations between the sexes.

Car 54 dotdotdot
Big Chord Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Well, I was wondering if this would be a variation on the theme from "Car 54 Where Are You," but alas not. Too much dependence on chord chunk, not enough on melody. Having said that, it sports a minor version of the tension and styling of Armageddon's "Buzzard."

Triple Fin dotdotdot
Big Chord Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Rough textured tri-fin rip-snortin' instant cut back curl shreddin' chunk. OK, so I used a few superlatives. The point is that it's quite seaworthy, though it bears little resemblance to surf music. It's adventurous and aggressive, driven in a tattooed sorta way.

Ankle Twist dotdotdot
Big Chord Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Whiny snotty oh-poor-me isms permeate this track. It's far more chord chunky than surf. Punkaroo rhythms and a riff.

Classical Stink dotdotdotdotdot
Classical Surf Gas (Instrumental)

Well, now, isn't this ultra cool! Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" all punked/surfed up. This is a real pleaser! It even sports strings/keyboards and acoustic lead guitar over GREAT thundering drums and bass. A brilliant arrangement, and flawless performance.