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The Stingrays - El Nino c/w Space Patroldotdotdot
artworkWhat we have here is a fine modern speed classic surf single. The arrangements are good, the riffs work well, and the energy is high. The fidelity is OK, but the pressing is a little distorted. Otherwise, the two tracks are quite good. A whole CD from these Stingrays would be extra swell.
Picks: El Nino, Space Patrol

Track by Track Review

El Nino dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Another in the long line of surf instros titled "El Niño," but this one is more like a storm front than most of the others. It opens with a fifty second sample of waves and a floating Spanish surf riff, and eventually lands with an infectious surf riff, with a wonderful double picked break. This is different, and very enjoyable. It ends with an equally outro similar to the intro.

Space Patrol dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

An old siren, an announcement of impending action, and a countdown of sorts, followed by an explosion takes up the first 30 seconds. Then the song comes in with rippin' double pick action delivering a solid surf riff. Not quite as interesting as the A-side, but still s good bet. Speedy glissandoes and damped surf guitar, some shimmering light lines, and back to the shreddin' main theme.