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Leigh Stephans - Red Weatherdotdotdot
artworkNow, you might wonder about how Blue Cheer's original guitarist might find his way to Reverb Central. Well, it's really quite simple. His first solo album, cut just after leaving the BC fold to make way for surf guitarist Randy Holden, contains one lone and tranquil post surf instro. Beyond the instro, and as an album, this is only historic. While Abe "Voco" Kesh had a hand in it, and the session folks are legends in their own right (like drummer Mickey Waller and pianist Nicky Hopkins), the album is poorly mixed, and the material is mostly marginal. This disc comes with half of the post-Red Weather band Silver Metre's lone album as bonus tracks. Leigh Stephans is rumored to have played as Red Weather in '96 or '70.
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Drifting dotdotdot
Post Surf (Instrumental)

The title foretells of two of this tracks properties, its oceanic sound, and its directionless meandering. It's too long to be really interesting, though its riff is quite pleasing. It's just that it doesn't change much for the entire six and a half minutes. It does conjure images of a raft drifting peacefully across a quiet lagoon.