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Stef and Arno - Sin Carasdotdotdot
artworkWell, this is an interesting disc! Stef and Arno are a self-described surf band from France, but they are more like a mean disaster post punk global threat infusing a little surf into their mayhem than a surf band. There are surf elements here, but the dark side of the waves is surely in control, and the man behind the curtain is on the lamb from the asylum.
Picks: Terrorifico, Loco, Escalofrio, Horroroso

Track by Track Review

Terrorifico dotdotdot
Walloping Surf (Instrumental)

Big intense guitar, punkabilly drums, nasty twango... how do you describe ultra loud ultra harsh riff monster assaults? It's not melodic, but sure packs a wallop!

Loco dotdotdot
Spaghetti Sauce (Instrumental)

"Loco" moves slowly, launched by an acoustic guitar in the foreground, a plaintiff electric in the back reaches that throbs and cries, and twisted spaghetti western turns and twists. The best I can describe is like what might have happened if Enio Morricone had produced "The Epic" (People). very interesting.

Escalofrio dotdotdot
Punkoidal Grind Surf (Instrumental)

Estranged wah wah feel launched by distant disjointed guitar. Dark and uncomfortable, "Escalofrio" bounces between mean and mentally defective. Semi punkoidal grind with reverb.

Horroroso dotdotdotdot
Angular White Water Surf (Instrumental)

Weird electronics, trashy chords, power glissandoes, angular discomfort, and magnetic meanness. Not the least bit fluid or melodic, but very unusual and hard not to get interested in. Like the surf gone mad in the 22nd century, where the waves are holograms and the babes are made of rubber. Disturbed.