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The Star Tones - Harlem Nocturne c/w The Chasedotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a rare single from mid 1964 - the only release from Denver's Star Tones. Both sides are mighty fine!
Picks: Harlem Nocturne, The Chase

Track by Track Review

Harlem Nocturne dotdotdotdot
Vibrating Surf (Instrumental)

Man-oh-man, when you set the vibrato on throbbus maximus for a pulsier than thou Viscounts effect, you get so much shimmer that it makes you scared to go out at night. This is absolutely undulating, and really cool. No sax, just incredibly pulsed echoed guitar. This killer version of Earl Hagen's marvelous tune substitutes a mighty vibrato lead guitar for the sax, a sound relegated to the rhythm guitar when the Viscounts did it.

The Chase dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Echoed guitar driving sideways on the Road Runners' "Quasimodo." So, the question is, which came first? This is a very interesting arrangement. It loses none of the charm, and because it's morphed so much, it has a fresh feel despite it's obvious cover roots. Originally issued on Band Box 354.