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Stanley Dix - Lo-Fi Wavesdotdotdot
artworkBrazil's Stanley Dix has made this illusive release available from Reverb Brasil. It's punkoidal, garagy, and often intense.
Picks: Telescopio de Newtron, A Vinganca do Bizarro, Longboards, Comando Estelar, Galaxie 500, Skatalushka, Miserlou

Track by Track Review

Telescopio de Newtron dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A long extracted intro eventually yields to a fast twangster with big whammy chords and pounding drums. "Telescopio de Newtron" is a shredder with dark abrasive guitar and trumpet. This is more aggro than melodic, but it sure does scream surf danger!

A Vinganca do Bizarro dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Very heavy double picked danger, with intense sound and fury. "A Vinganca do Bizarro" is not for a drive down the coast, but conveys high surf terror. Down right nasty!

Longboards dotdotdotdot
Dark Surf (Instrumental)

"Longboards" uses a very surfable riff in the style of the simpler structures of the original era. Its single picked melody line is very cool. It portrays an adventure on longboards as the title implies. The horn break runs atop a gently double picked run that's augmented with occasional glissandos. The original title is "Longboards From Hell" Very cool!

Comando Estelar dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A dry-textured melody line is edged by trumpet in the middle, but otherwise stands alone as surf meets rock jetty. "Comando Estelar" is pretty interesting, in part because it's very unusual. Glissandos and grit and grime.

Galaxie 500 dotdotdot
Dark Surf (Instrumental)

Motorcycle engines ignite the opening of "Galaxie 500," and it's much as one might expect for a bike-hot rod melody. Fairly repetitious, yet interesting enough. The horns are a nice touch that gives it a slightly raw edge.

Skatalushka dotdotdot
Dark Surf (Instrumental)

"Skatalushka" is a bit like part two of "Comando Estrelar," but less dark and more melodic. Big splashy energy drives this home.

Miserlou dotdotdotdot
Dark Surf (Vocal)

This is and aggro version of Nicolas Roubanis' "Miserlou" essentially based on Dick Dale and his Del-tones' 45 version, including the trumpet. Intense, gruff, and very rock.