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The Squirrels - Scrappin' For Hitsdotdotdotdot
The Squirrels have been in the backwaters of my musical taste for many years. I had totally forgotten about this little gem until it showed up on CD the other day. Place your integrated weird filter over your sensibilities, and turn the effect knob to 11. Besides the lone track reviewed here, this band has recorded some of the most bizarre and unusual music around. A sense of humor is required. Taking them seriously will only spoil your day.
Picks: Hawaii Take 5-0

Track by Track Review

Hawaii Take 5-0 dotdotdotdot
Lounge Jazz Near Surf (Instrumental)

WARNING: The surgeon General has not determined the latent damage caused by the sinisterly strange in audio. Listen at your own peril! Take yur average expectation of a medley of "Hawaii 5-0" and "Take Five," and scrap it, cuz the Mighty MIGHTY Squirrels. have slaughtered not only these two venerable old workhorses, but any notion of your sanity as well. The horn section works overtime merging the two melody lines mid-line - [H5-0] Duh-duh-duh-dah- [Take 5] tah-TAH-tah-tah-tah... - utterly amazing! If you recall the Lawndale merger of "Take Five" and "Whole Lotta Love," it goes one better, and the horns supplanting the expected guitars makes it even more surreal. The acid test of successful weirdness is when three of the engineers at KFJC all came in with maximum grins when I played it...awesome.