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Spoozys - Astral Astronautsdotdotdot
artworkThis Japanese outfit moves through techno circles in industrial garb with dashes of sub-surf guitar sprinkled throughout. It's hard to classify as surf, even farther from the envelope than the industrial remixes of the Surf Coasters, yet there's a kind of 23rd century automaton wave rider reality about it. Scary.
Picks: Surf Devolution (Totem Pole)

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Surf Devolution (Totem Pole) dotdotdot
Automaton Surf (Instrumental)

This remix is from masters release on Astro 99. Sequenced, programmed, munched and crunched, sub surf guitar licks, a female chorus, angular tweakiness, keys gone mad... to paraphrase Captain Beefheart, "it's too much for my mirror." Tribal, rhythmic, industrial, and disturbed.