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The Splashdowns - Back To The Moon... In 2022dotdotdotdot
artworkThere are many very original ideas here, most arranged really well, and all well worth checking out. The album is part space surf, part surf, and part jazzy exotica. I am always interested in new excursion in surf, and Back To The Moon... In 2022 certainly provides some of those. An excellent album.
Picks: Back To The Moon... In 2022, Space Race, Gefaehrlicher Weltenraum, In Diesen Boots Kann Sigmund Jaehn, Into The Void, High In The Sky, Space Probe, Jetstream, Sunset Over Cape Canaveral

Track by Track Review

Back To The Moon... In 2022 dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

An adventurous melody and whammy coolness play against reverb chords and very cool picked bass. The imagery oozes mystery and space while living in the surf. Very nice track!

Space Race dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Great drum patterns and rising guitars launch into a relentless riff dependent song. Partly ominous, and partly sparkling. This is really all about the rhythms and mood. This is not Gene and the Esquires' "Space Race."

Gefaehrlicher Weltenraum dotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

"Gefaehrlicher Weltenraum" seems to flow right out of the same cauldron as "Space Race," but has Theremin wailing here and there, and different drum patterns. It's a little space rock tweaky at time, but not so as to detract. There's a tuff reverb crash or two here as well.

In Diesen Boots Kann Sigmund Jaehn dotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Speaking of tweaky, "In Diesen Boots Kann Sigmund Jaehn" is a jumpy stomp sort of thing that's out of the main vein of the album. It's a little goofy, and certainly original. Pretty original, and very enjoyable if your attitude hat isn't screwed on too tightly.

Nightwatchman Mr Jones dotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

"Nightwatchman Mr Jones" is a fanciful, playful track reminiscent of some fifties Nashville pickers. It's fun, sports whistling that suggests the country charm of "Mayberry, RFD."

Welcome To Huntsville dotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Great drums run beneath guitar and bass playing the same riffs. The bridges are more varies, and by the second verse, long distortion guitar adds to the mix. In the tribal drum break, there are additional effects creating spacy weirdness.

Frenchman In Space dotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

This is pretty dry, with great drums and bass. The guitars provide open liquid chords and fuzz patterns, which are augmented by choruses. Compositionally interesting.

Into The Void dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Great tremolo chords charm the opening. Unnerving at times, and moderately paced, "Into The Void" is suggestive of the mystery and mood of The Ventures' "He Never Came Back," though it's certainly not born of that instro.

High In The Sky dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

The guitar melody is very nicely supported by a solid backtrack. "High In The Sky" is creative and cool, with excellent jazzy surf guitar and writing that would fit easily into late fifties exotica or experimental lounge. Quite cool!

Space Probe dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Choppy glissandos and panned flight noises open this fine track. Lovely surf guitar leads, and superb picked bass and drums. A sense of adventure, a touch of soft evening curl, and tropical breezes ooze from the sound.

Jetstream dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Thick, layered sounds and a fun riff bounce through the main section of the song. Gritty pick slides and splashy chords grace its core. Midway, it transitions into ringing chords and fuzz guitar over a tribal Indian beat. Tremolo and charm! This is neither The Halibuts nor The Breakers songs.

Sunset Over Cape Canaveral dotdotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Great drums, tropical ska-like rhythms, tremolo shimmer, and a splendid melody make "Sunset Over Cape Canaveral" simply charming. Mid tempo, very well thought out, fluid, and utterly enjoyable.