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S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Micro Albumdotdotdot
artworkIf there's such a thing as instrumental throatcore surf, this just may be it. Angular, grunt-laden, and mean. Each track is a capsule, a scene from a movie that will leave you with day and nightmares. Arguably the scariest thing on record, yet this beast does have some surfish moments. Not at all for the trad fan, but throatcore haterockers will go gaga over this.
Picks: Operation S.I.S., The Satellite Affair, The Underwater Lab, Car Chase, House Search, The Rooftop Incident, (theme from) The Return Of Dr. 7, The Lab

Track by Track Review

Operation S.I.S. dotdotdotdot
Sci-fi Surf (Instrumental)

A brief countdown launches this dirty low down surf number. Angular, uninviting, dangerous, with very dirty guitar at times. Twang, big thrash, swirl... look out, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. are coming to get you!

The Satellite Affair dotdotdotdot
Instrumental Throatcore Surf (Instrumental)

Whirling satellites overhead, the Devil below, and nowhere to hide. To call this ominous is an understatement. Evil is more like it. Damn, what a growl!

The Underwater Lab dotdotdot
Scene Setting SFX (Instrumental)

A little narration, some spooky sci-fi weirdness, and a bongo crescendo.

Car Chase dotdotdot
Disaster (Instrumental)

Thrash and crash and burn, gentle illusional interludes, whispers of things you don't want to hear. Like an inverted M.I.B. with utterly believable disaster at hand.

House Search dotdotdotdot
Raid Surf (Instrumental)

Aggressive sub surf grodie spy sounds, thrashy glissandoes, door bashing threats, and ultra chop chords. "House Search" sports all the delicacy of a visit from the DEA. Eerie, somber, and dangerous. This is much more about an event than a song, and it has the same kind of draw that a well produced shot on film might. A false end lulls you into a calm space, then trashes your daydreams.

The Rooftop Incident dotdotdot
Armageddon Surf (Instrumental)

"The Rooftop Incident" makes you nervous 'cuz you just know it's all over and you have nowhere to go... no defense at all. You can only wait for the inevitable. Not a place you want to spend any time, but a very powerful piece of music.

(theme from) The Return Of Dr. 7 dotdotdot
Underworld Surf (Instrumental)

Sludge from below the streets reaches up through the cracks in the sidewalk and drags you down into the underworld, where you learn that Hell would be a vacation from this alien abduction. It may be your worst nightmare, but you can't wake up. You are about to expire. before you do, would you sign your estate over to me? Thanks.

The Lab dotdotdot
Sci-fi (Instrumental)

Nearly sci-fi sfx and bongos set the scene for a brief 30 seconds.