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The Speakers - The Speakersdotdotdot
artworkThree instros and one surf vocal are found on this collection of singles from The Speakers. The album is badly mastered, as in not at all, and sourced from vinyl too. Nothing to write home about, but a bright spot on a rainy afternoon. Also here among the covers is one garage psych piece of magic called "Te Olvidare" with tortured guitar, fuzz, and genuine garage edge. It sounds like it could be a Love cover in the general vicinity of "Bummer In The Summer," but it's not.
Picks: El Rey Del Surfing

Track by Track Review

Ciudad Sumergida dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Submerged City" is a gentle rock instro until it reaches the break, where is speeds up and adds muted second guitar with a dry but surfish pattern. The lead guitar, which is also dry, likewise has a slight surf feeling. The keys and rhythm section are very light pop rock.

Ghosts Of The Old West dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This piano solo is pretty, but aside from it's sad imagery, "Ghosts Of The Old West" does not leave a lasting impression.

El Twist de Los Siete Hermanos dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This song is an organ lead instro with cool rhythm section and brittle twang. "El Twist de Los Siete Hermanos" ("Seven Brothers Twist") has it's moments in a garagy sort of way.

El Rey Del Surfing dotdotdot
Rock (Vocal)

Pulsing with a complete misunderstanding of surf, The Speakers nevertheless charge right in. It's energy is lower than the original, though its innocence is right on. The Trashmen's "King Of The Surf" is a vocal, but its utter amateur garage charm warrants review.