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The Spaghetti Surfers - Misirlou (Theme From Pulp Fiction)dotdotdot
artworkA year after the bizarre CD from the mike of Mike Curb, this twelve inch promo-only release circulated to clubs. Rare, but you have to really have your mind open or be a closet disco fan.
Picks: Misirlou (Theme From Pulp Fiction), Misirlou

Track by Track Review

Misirlou (Theme From Pulp Fiction) dotdotdot
Disco Surf (Instrumental)

Computer precise guitar shreds metronomically under the rhythmic disco drum machine. This version is a bow to Dick Dale, right down to the trumpet break, though the guitar is much less energetic. despite the shots and crowd eruptions, this is a less human version of the cleverness and friendliness of Jon & The Nightriders' "El Paso." This extended version is actually more reverent than the radio edit because it includes the superb cycling piano, in this case sequenced. Yet, that simple adder immeasurably increases the pleasure, such as it is. This is the same as the extended version from a year earlier.

Misirlou dotdotdot
Disco Surf (Instrumental)

Two minutes shorter, the Compact version is the same as the Radio Edit from a year earlier.