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The Sons Of The Piltdown Men - Mad Goose c/w Be A Partydotdotdot
artworkThis often miscast instro from 1963 is really a Piltdown Men clone and not at all related to surf. As a clone, it's a little stiff. The Piltdown Men were a studio project of Ed Cobb and Lincoln Mayorga. It's hard to find any biographical material on The Sons Of The Piltdown Men, but it would appear that they were an English studio creation that included Billy Baxter , Bruce Baxter, later of The Birkshire Shadows, and previously in The Terry Young Six. As far as I know, this was their only single.
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Track by Track Review

Mad Goose dotdotdot
Sax (Instrumental)

The band name says it... The sound is a pale imitation of the Piltdown Men, which were a studio session group to begin with. Big kettle drums and sax leads.

Be A Party dotdotdot
Sax (Instrumental)

Again in the Piltdown Men vein, this simple riff rocker pumps with kettle drums and dry sax honks. Fun, if not remarkable.