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The Smithereens - In A Lonely Placedotdotdot
artworkThe "Surfin'" Smithereens European label was much "hipper" than their US counterpart. Two of their 12" singles included a hot studio cover of Dick Dale's "Mr. Eliminator." This twelve incher was issued in 1986 in support of their "Blood And Roses" tour. The moguls readying the launch of MTV Europe heard this, and they decided they wanted it for a logo. The band said, why don't you use the original? They (MTV) were surprised to learn it was a cover of a (then) twenty three year old track by a guitar god they had never heard of. They contacted Dick Dale, who cut a 30 second version, which they used to death.
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Mr. Eliminator dotdotdotdotdot
Link Wray Big Guitar (Instrumental)

This is about as close as Link Wray comes to surf, damped and reverbed second guitar, and his big chord vibrato shimmer lead with piercing whammy accents. This is haunting and rhythmic, and unlike any other Link Wray tune. Gorgeous and powerful.