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The Slow Slushy Boys - Make Mine Slushydotdotdot
artworkWhile there are only two instros here, and both feature organ prominently, this is quite a cool release. The Slow Slushy Boys employ surf/twang guitar, a nearly Wurlitzer organ, and a soulful groovy sound with sub cowboy vocals. Totally fun and fresh, with plenty of hooks.
Picks: Can The Poseurs Do The Whelk?, Fruhstuck

Track by Track Review

Can The Poseurs Do The Whelk? dotdotdot
Soul Surf (Instrumental)

Near surf guitar, sixties soul organ, and a groovy little riff carry this one off sorta like a Booker T. and the MG's thing. Nice track.

Fruhstuck dotdotdot
Soul Surf (Instrumental)

"Frühstück" is a slightly soft, organ based instro with a Memphis edge and a whirling sound. Happy and groovy, with fine guitar.