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The Skeletons - Rockin' Bonesdotdotdot
artworkSpringfield, Missouri's legendary Skeletons skull & cross-boned their way across the ears of the underground, leaving a wake of punchy garage wizardry, from the cars-girls-cars point of view. They also appreciated surf. The band was D. Clinton Thompson - guitar, Nick Sibley - guitar/keyboard, Lou Whitney - bass, and Bobby Lloyd Hicks - drums. This disk includes the "Blood Surfin'," "Trans Am," "Gas Money," and a splendid cover of Jan & Dean's only instro, "B-Gas Rickshaw," under the title "B-Gas Accord." This album collects their singles, issued between 1979 and 1986.
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B-Gas Accord dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

From Sardina, Italy's the Uninvited come forth with a decent version of the Fender Four's "Mar Gaya." Lo-fi garage grinder, low down and dirty.