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The Sinalco Bums - Greetings From Big Pecker Point, Californiadotdotdot
artworkJust released, but recorded in 1988, this 4 song 7" is really cool. The Incredible Sinalco Bums aka Karl S. Blue's Magic Quells play some really fine surf here. American producer Wicked Walter Acid's entire archive of work from the past 25 years has been obtained by String Records in Germany, and is being issued on 7" format over the next millennium. Incredibly bad sound and inventive primal surf. Spanish(?) reverb rockers take to the beach and pummel the local gremmies.
Picks: Sinalco Surf, Gremmie Trail, Strait To The Moon, Wipe Out

Track by Track Review

Sinalco Surf dotdotdot
Surf Plunder (Instrumental)

Evil tone, feedback and growl surf, big chord plunder. Slow, vile, smelly, sewer outlet surf, from the bowels of the sea. Chunky, thumpy, and intense.

Gremmie Trail dotdotdot
Surf Plunder (Instrumental)

Slightly more traditional surf, rumbly indistinct and mean. Link Wray in the soup. Progressional over-reverbed surf.

Strait To The Moon dotdotdot
Surf Plunder (Instrumental)

This is a chumpy funky tune that uses the beat from Ron Holden's "Love You So," with effective rhythmic reverb chunk. Quite none melodic, and time keeper challenged. The wah-wah in the break adds some depth, but the complete lack of an actual tune is not overcome by the effect alone.

Wipe Out dotdot
Surf Plunder (Instrumental)

Ron Wilson's classic, opened with a weenie "Wipe Out" laugh, and then portrayed thinly and weakly, with chord morphs that just don't work, though the discordant twist does seem fitting for the performance.