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Sin Alley - Headin' For Vegasdotdotdot
artworkThis CD is mostly high caliber female vocal big guitar rockabilly by a really solid Belgian band. However, there's a rippin' 4 minute surf rage dedicated to the King, called most appropriately "Dale's Dick". Big is a good word. Fast also fits. Cool, well, I'd say it's more than cool. I have to wonder if they followed "Dale's Dick" with "Crazy Fever" as a comment... hmm?
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Dale's Dick dotdotdot
Hollow Body Surf (Instrumental)

A tribute to the big guy himself. This track shreds mercilessly, with big glissandoes and major double pickage, plus an over all evil sound. Big twang and plenty of speed. It ain't no Fender sound, but then it doesn't seem to matter. A real grinder.