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The Silver Hawks - Twang On!dotdotdotdot
artworkThis album features often more inventive rautalanka with some surf elements, and unlike many of their counterparts, they have an occasionally very powerful sound, and when not, they employ very interesting styles and arranging. It's quite a ways from surf, but it is very worth your while.
Picks: Moon Jellyfish, Time Machine Overdrive, Mambo Horizontale, Town Shop, Underwater Landscapes, Home By The Sea, Bob Fleming Boogie, Nastola-Twist, Laika Has Landed, Northpoleposition, Dashboard Ride, Great White Bite, Mediumhide, Part IV

Track by Track Review

Moon Jellyfish dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

A haunting and lovely melody, stereo Leslie keys, and very nicely arranged bass and drums lay out a wonderful listening experience. This is original and very pleasant.

Time Machine Overdrive dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

A tuff beat and dramatic bridges with a playful melody line and arrangement. Part spy, part lounge, and sometimes orchestral in a gritty sort of way.

Mambo Horizontale dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

"Mambo Horizontale" features a fun melody line, percussive stereo keyboard, and a mambo beat. You have to really work at not liking this track.

Les Theme Des Faucon Argente dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

A bit of spy and very playful rhythm guitars. It's partly easy and slow, yet with a subtly mixed infectious rhythm.

Town Shop dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

This may be gentle, but it's also very pleasant. A well crafted melody line and soothing flow, with just a hint of Spanish flair.

Underwater Landscapes dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

"Underwater Landscapes" is a pretty track with a gentle melody and round sound. The keys provide sustained haunting, maybe even an eeriness. Really nice.

Home By The Sea dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

Gentle whammy, tribal tom toms, island chords, long echo-delayed ghosts, and misty lagoon imagery. "Home By The Sea" is dreamy and soothing.

Bob Fleming Boogie dotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

Thick textures and gentle whammy in an open road adventure setting. It's top down seventies sunny afternoon with dramatic chord breaks.

Nastola-Twist dotdotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

An infectious rhythm and fine melody play easily along a coastline at dawn. The downright celebratory sound of "Nastola-Twist" is more than just uplifting. This is a splendid example of what Norse instro rock can be when not too tightly hitched to The Shadows' wagon. Simply superb!

Laika Has Landed dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

A thicker sound, more intense echo, and a strong beat characterize this instro. A nicely written song with a sweeping panorama.

Northpoleposition dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

A heavy, envelope sweep guitar sound alternated with a more open tone, and an interesting melody riff. "Northpoleposition" is pretty powerful, with grit and very good arranging.

Dashboard Ride dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

A muted dry surf eighties rhythm pattern immediately attracts the listener. Parts of the song are quite compelling, and others more sweeping modern rock-ish. This is a really nicely conceived and executed song.

Great White Bite dotdotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

Heavy chop chord rhythms and double picked melody lines with a touch of spy over surf punk action. "Great White Bite" is heavy and dangerous.

Mediumhide, Part IV dotdotdotdotdot
Rautalanka (Instrumental)

Somewhat angular, with playful staccato keys that remind me a bit of The Neutrons, but much less fanciful. "Mediumhide, Part IV" is heavy and swirly and rhythmic, with throbbing power.