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Siluetler - Siluetlerdotdotdot
artworkTwo instrumentals appear on this 1967 release from Turkey's Siluetler. Steeped in the instrumental rock traditions, and born of traditional Turkish music, Siluetler was both adventurous and dangerous in their day. "Lorke Lorke" is a splendid almost surf song.
Picks: Dede Efendi 67, Lorke Lorke

Track by Track Review

Dede Efendi 67 dotdotdot
Anatolian Rock (Instrumental)

Echoed guitar and a polka beat playfully meander the theme. "Dede Efendi" suggest The Ventures were they Turkish - you have to imaging their way of doing things if they were not from Washington. It has carnival atmosphere. Really fun!

Lorke Lorke dotdotdotdot
Anitolian Rock (Instrumental)

This amazing instrumental sports echoed guitar chunking out a fast surf thing. It's exotic, playful, and very cool. Imaginative writing and manic playing with heavy effects on the surf guitar make this ultra rare track a must have. Very cool!