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Siluetler - Sirto - Kasap Havaső - Ali Baba - Kasők Havasődotdotdotdot
artworkFour fine tracks from the legendary Turkish band born of surf and psych. These tracks date from 1967, and are part of he foundation of Anatolian rock.
Picks: Sirto, Kasik Havasi, Ali Baba, Kasap Havasi

Track by Track Review

Sirto dotdotdot
Anatolian Rock (Instrumental)

This song features a bouncy melody and rhythm translated from classic area styling into a semi surf rock instro format. A bit of double picked guitar, and some gentle charm. "Sirto" may be quite poppy, but it's also very charming, and even verges on aquatic.

Kasik Havasi dotdotdot
Anitolian Rock (Instrumental)

"Kasik Havasi" has a beat that's half way between cowboy gallop and traditional Turkish. Much like early country and rock instros, with hand claps and a gutty guitar. Very cool!

Ali Baba dotdotdot
Anatolian Rock (Instrumental)

Violin, oud, and a very playful melody line work really well together. On some levels, this is unsophisticated, but it's also rather authentic structurally. The first thing I was struck with is how not Dave and the Customs "Ali Baba" is. That's my surf prejudice showing.

Kasap Havasi dotdotdotdot
Anatolian Rock (Instrumental)

"Kasap Havasi" has superb whammy chords of an island nature, and a double picked structure guitar line that Robert Johnson (Punchdrunks, Bottle Ups) would recognize. This is a splendid blend of Turkish culture, surf, psych, and cowboy twang. It's even fairly easy to imagine this along side of early Quicksilver Messenger Service.