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The Silhouettes - The Ocean Of Sunken Dreamsdotdotdot
artworkRautalanka surf, a combination that seldom works, but The Silhouettes have pretty much dialed it in. About half surfish, and with a spectacularly haunting surfadelic track at the end. Go ahead, experiment.
Picks: Falling Leaves (Varisevat Lehdet), Andalucia, Surfin' With Sharks, Harlem Nocturne, Guanche, Once In A Lifetime, Tiger Shark, Post Scriptum

Track by Track Review

Falling Leaves (Varisevat Lehdet) dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Double picked phrases amp up the song, and give it an almost surfable edge. Light hearted and energetic, with some tasty muted echo guitar lines.

Andalucia dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Ernesto Lacuona's "Andalucia" is double picked for surfable power. Strange transitions from there to haunted keys. But then, that perfect melody floats out across the speakers over a sort of easy-rock bed with classic rautalanka leanings. Original, yet referential.

Surfin' With Sharks dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Twang and double picked aggression ply their role in this surf tune. Strong, glissando blessed, and infectious enough to bring you back for more. Dark at times, but also with the flights of fancy that rautalanka tends to use. Big tom toms boom mightily in the break.

Harlem Nocturne dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

This is a slow and saucy rendering of Earl Hagen's classic detective theme. Simply pretty and haunted.

Guanche dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Double picked thunder and cowboy rhythms. Western themes and broad skies flood in, even in the moody break. This is a big and exuberant track.

Night Bird (Yolintu) dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

A lovely melody with echo everywhere. While very pretty, you'll need an appreciation for the art form to get into this.

Amapola dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Recorded about a million times by European bands, "Amapola" doesn't seem to get old. Lots of echo for delay, and some fine drumming.

Once In A Lifetime dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Rolling tom toms, glissandos, and island imagery with long shallow whammy chords. "Once In A Lifetime" employs an almost galloping beat. Lots of spunk and energy, with a break borrowed from "The Cruel Sea." Quite fun.

Tiger Shark dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

A very bouncy rhythm track and long echo lead guitar rhythmically drive "Tiger Shark." Its energy is what makes it work. This is not The Viceroys' song.

Spiralicity dotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Big and sort of spy-like, with whammy and echo galore. A spunky backtrack and relentless energy drive it home.

Post Scriptum dotdotdotdot
Rautalanka Surf (Instrumental)

Tremolo and long slides haunt the night. Almost psychedelic, at the very least eerie. Imagine foggy visions of the moors or a gray-green bay. Very dramatic.