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The Silencers - Powered By Twangdotdotdotdot
artworkLike it says on the back of the CD, "Link Wray & the Ventures rolled into one big ball and heaved through Dick Dale's living room widow"! Amen to that, especially the last track with the insane name of "Birdy Num-Nums". I'm not sure if the CD is titled Powered By Twang or not, but it's on the license plate of the street rod on the cover, so it will do. If not, it should be. A pretty solid CD, only a couple of snoozers, offset easily by the shredding power of the rest.
Picks: Bleach Pit, Journey To The Stars, Martini Lunch, Woof-Woof, Mr. Transmogrifier, Drag Queen, Run Kitten Run, In From The Cold, Lawn Job, Rough Rider, Spaceman, Birdy Num-Nums

Track by Track Review

Bleach Pit dotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Huge growly progression and pounding drums. Big but not terribly melodic. Lots of power and loudness for sure.

Journey To The Stars dotdotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Monstrous performance of the Ventures' hit single. Major double pick action, and low down growly guitar sounds. Mostly true to the original arrangement, just a lot bigger and less clean. Plenty of energy.

Martini Lunch dotdotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Vibrato sinew and over-compressed sleazoid walking bass line. Think Link with a flair for the dramatic. Also, think BIG! Very little melody, but it seems to work really well.

Woof-Woof dotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

No doggies allowed. A blitz of guitar wankage and Dickisms. Not as interesting as the rest of the CD.

Mr. Transmogrifier dotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Slaughtering the thrash ethic with multiple surfisms and edge. Not to melodic, but very fiery, and I'll bet it really works well live. You'll hear the Dickster all over this one.

Drag Queen dotdotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Shreddin rippin' glissandoes a la Brian Pool (the Torpedoes). Super fast progression and speed monster. Lots of power and show-off flair. Hot track.

Run Kitten Run dotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Dumber than dumb sample opener, and a simple progression waiting for a lead line. Not very interesting.

In From The Cold dotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Vibrato shimmer slowly walking down the walkway of life, with Link Wray just ahead. Lumbering coolness.

Lawn Job dotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Fuzzed out grinding spitfire engine reving guitarage, and tons of edge. A progression, little melody, but ample power.

Rough Rider dotdotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Big western twang, great melody, cool rhythms, interesting guitar tones, and lots on energy. This track is the second best on the CD, and worth the price of admission.

Spaceman dotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

Countdown sample, then a scream, then stinging high note vibrato guitar, and finally, a heavy progression on the low-E. Powerful, but not too melodic. It seems to substitute loud for quality.

Birdy Num-Nums dotdotdotdot
Savage Surf Grind (Instrumental)

This is the high point of the CD, a long evil track with the dumbest name on disc. The drums are really unusual, the guitar is super fast, and the whole thing lives up to the self-description of the band. Way powerful, and way cool! The slow vibrato burn in the middle is just about as cool as it gets. It's not a far cry from what the Mermen were doing a few years back. Howling feedback and extreme coolness.