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The Shut Downs - Four In the Floor c/w Beach Buggydotdot
artworkThe a-side of his instro single is pretty nice. Its historical significance lies in the fact that The Shut Downs were a contract avoidance moniker assigned by Dimension Records to Dallas musicians Scotty McKay and Kirby St. Romain.
Picks: Four In The Floor, Beach Buggy

Track by Track Review

Four In The Floor dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

This was a cool single when I first got it back in '62 or so. It is a rhythm dominated number, with a minimal progression, covered by racing hot rod engines. Way fun.

Beach Buggy dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Beach Buggy" merely runs an almost non-chord riff under a continuous motor rumble, not even shifting gears. Really useless.