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Shoutless - Out Of Reachdotdotdot
artworkThis Swedish garage band was one fine and powerful unit. Despite what you might expect from their name, Shoutless have recorded only one incredible instro. It is called "Downhill Run." The Shockwaves blended it with the similarly structured Surf Raiders classic "Curl Rider" to create their best medley "Downhill Curl." This album is great without the instro, and killer with it, sporting deluxe high energy renditions of garage classics "1-2-5" (Haunted), "Pretty Big Mouth" (Count Five), and "Sweet Young Thing (Chocolate Watchband)."
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Downhill Run dotdotdotdotdot
Swedish Surf (Instrumental)

This track uses a classic galloping rhythm and splendid double picking and whammy. Styled like the Surf Raiders' "Curl Rider," this is a monster of an infectious surf instro. It screams, it thunders, it commands attention, it pummels the unwitting, and those are understatements. There are few such magnetic tracks on disc, few that are instantly accepted, and fewer that stick around as long as this has in the memory banks. Utterly great track.