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Shonen Knife - Let's Knifedot
artworkThis release from Shonen Knife sports an attempt at a surf instrumental called "Milky Way." Like many bands that do one instro, these ladies don't quite get the genre, with too few changes lasting way too long with too little energy. Pleasant enough, just not what you'd mistake for cool.
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Milky Way dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is what you might call a really cool surf instro idea waiting for development. The melody line is a cross between the spaghetti western and surf, with whammy at the ends of the lines and surfable tone. All single picked, yet sounding pretty aquatic. The bridge is borrowed from Neil Hefty's "Bat Man Theme," and to my ear detracts from the structure. The big problem is that it's almost four minutes of unchanging verses, with the exception of a single verse with twin guitar lead. Added to the underdevelopment is a restrained and energy free rhythm section. All that aside, it is a pleasant side trip in surf land.