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Shark Quest - Battle Of The Loonsdotdotdot
artworkShark Quest deliver mathematical, precise, sophisticated, and very well played instrumentals. If you're looking for surf, don't stop here. If you're willing to explore a more sophisticated music realm, you just may find this engaging and satisfying as I did. The small number of "picks" reflects this site's surf bias, and not the overall quality or like-ability of the CD.
Picks: Blake Carrington, Kool's America, Bali, Ellen's Theme, Lunch At Sara's, Dead Turkey Gulch, Armadillotron, In A Dive, 5 Dollars

Track by Track Review

Blake Carrington dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

A softly harsh guitar riff gradually evolves into a complex piece with a nervous intensity, yet it's not at all put-offish. Rhythmic in an intentional way, this arty instro seems bound for relentless pressure, but then a couple of minutes in, it halts with a sudden vibrato before rising to a much more subtle and tribal break. Interesting and intellectual writing.

Kool's America dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

"Kool's America" gently sweeps through a delicate intro before becoming a metric black-tie affair. Precise, delicate, and sophisticated.

Bali dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

With precision images of island atmospheres, Shark Quest portray warm afternoons on a deserted beach, gazing on a placid lagoon. Not melodic in the poppy sense, but fluid in an abandoned sophistication kinda way.

Ellen's Theme dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

Ellen may be a courtier, or she may be a maid to a lady. It's not important. The song is both playful and elevated above the common folks, where common freedom of behavior would be a relief. It has a sense of play and delicacy, but also a sense of sad rarefication.

Lunch At Sara's dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

Be sure to place the fork on the correct side of the plate, for misplaced flatware will surely throw off the entire evening. Highly structured and refined.

Dead Turkey Gulch dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

This may be the resting place of leftover thanksgiving turkey, or it may be a gentrified backwoods cabin. Either way, it's precisely constructed.

Armadillotron dotdotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

Discordant disarray gradually yields to recognizable structure, a developing duet that gives rise to the notion that robot armadillos would be good house guests. Mathematical, yet very engaging and interesting.

In A Dive dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

Slow and methodical, "In A Dive" does not descend, but rather keeps afloat with a metered regularity. Some of the guitar notes shimmer, while others are nearly mechanical. The contrast spans the gap between human unpredictability and digital precision.

5 Dollars dotdotdot
Black Tie (Instrumental)

Softly delicate, and priced right, "5 Dollars" softly floats across a sunset. More melodic than most, and more fluid too, this is a very pleasant listening experience.