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The Shakin' Apostles - Austin, Texasdotdotdot
artworkThe Shakin' Apostles are an important Austin band. "Steady" Freddie Krc is the leader. He was in the Explosives, and has played with psychedelic burnout legend Roky Erickson. His writing is very good, and his usual material is country rock with a conscience. He's written one instrumental, and it appears here. It's a great country surf tune called "Ride Through Wild Country," though when I recorded them at KFJC, Freddie called it "Run Through Wild Country." I like the KFJC version better, but this is still such a great track, well worth the price of the CD if you like country instros at all.
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Ride Through Wild Country dotdotdotdotdot
Open Range Surf (Instrumental)

Austin's Shakin' Apostles are one of Texas' best kept secrets. They are one solid band, headed by Freddie Krc, whose writing is good enough to be published by Leiber and Stoller. Freddie's history goes back to Austin legends the Explosives and work with the eccentric Roky Erickson. His band the Shakin' Apostles were invited into the Pit by Big Myke Destiny, who asked me to do the sound. They closed with an appreciative nod to my engineering for them with their one instrumental "Ride Through Wild Country," an infectious purple sage rolling number with ample aquatic appeal and horseback sense. Exquisite.