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Paul Shaffer - Coast To Coastdotdotdot
artworkThis 1989 release includes one track that Dick Dale plays on, which is nearly instrumental. I think that it is the source of the version of "Let's Go Trippin'" that Dick gave me years ago on cassette, because the musician list he provided is virtually the same, and the rhythm track sounds like it could have been mixed differently to create that version of "Let's Go Trippin'," or at least from another take at the same session. Dick told me it was from 1986, but he gave it to me in 1989 when this was released. Dick credited the band as the Monster Of Rock. So, I include here the review of the remix here, though it's not on this CD.
Picks: Metal Beach, Let's Go Trippin'

Track by Track Review

Metal Beach dotdotdot
Psycho Swirl (Instrumental)

This is a thick layered melange of sounds that include Beach Boys-esq harmonies in motion without words. There are three guitarists, but little of the guitars is actually distinct in the mix. The drums are up front, and the keys are very clear, but the rest is awash in a slushy wall of sound. The riff is kinda catchy, but more like a psychedelic nightmare of the California dream than anything really surf related. I know Dick Dale is in here somewhere, but it's sure not evident.

Musicians on this track are vox and Brian Wilson and Paul Shaffer - keyboards, Dick Dale - guitar, Joe Satriani - guitar, Joe Walsh - guitar, Steve Douglas - sax, Brian Wilson - percussion, and Mick Fleetwood - cymbals. "Metal Beach" was written by Brian Wilson and Paul Shaffer.

Let's Go Trippin' dotdotdotdot
Surf Sludge (Instrumental)

From the same sessions as Metal Beach probably, though perhaps another take of the same song, or maybe a demo version, this is so much more of a surf monster. Dick Dale's flying guitar runs dominate the sludge-paced organ swirled melee. This version of "Let's Go Trippin'" is a strange sidetrip into surf gone mental, and to be fair, it's hard to really call it "Let's Go Trippin'" because it is so completely reinvented.

Musicians on this track include Paul Shaffer - keyboards, Dick Dale - guitar, Joe Walsh - guitar or bass, and Mick Fleetwood - drums. The rhythm track is "Metal Beach," but the melody line from Dick Dale is "Let's Go Trippin'."