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The Serfs - Serfin' with the Poodledotdotdot
artworkIf ever you thought it was impossible to rock with an accordion, your bubble gets burst right here. Fuzz guitar, rockin' combo drums, thumping bass, and (yup) accordion playing lead. With fezzes on heads and Bermudas on butts, the Serfs grinningly prance into your heart. And no, heartburn is NOT the result. very fun CD. To quote from the tray card: "...sure it's folk music, if your folks happen to be Romanian goat herders and love to surf and watch spy flicks" (Chris Elliott, Showcase Magazine).
Picks: The Poodle, Night on the Nile, Cafe Serf, Rumanian Shopping Spree, Tango Marcia, We Are Brothers, Taco Cha Cha, Dancing Goats, Tango Donati, Spaghetti West, Farewell to Dziadziu

Track by Track Review

The Poodle dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

A fine melody and rock beat that could have been a surf song if only... but alas, it's merely a rockin' good time on the portable keys.

Night on the Nile dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

The Serfs float a mystic evening view of an oasis in upper Egypt. Not a traditional sound, yet the feel of the desert and the smell of figs permeates the track.

Cafe Serf dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

Like a French sidewalk cafe, where only Frenchmen are served, this oozes black and white striped T-shirts and barrettes with frilly tufts on top. makes you reach for a bottle of rose.

Rumanian Shopping Spree dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

"Rumanian Shopping Spree" is about the best track here, with a bouncy rhythm and an adventurous arrangement. It's easy to imagine this with surf guitar, but it also doesn't need the transformation into reverb to catch your attention. Very fun track.

Tango Marcia dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

A tango lead guitar hints of the surf while being rocked by the world of accordion. It's just so French!

We Are Brothers dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

This is actually a pretty infectious track. I discovered quite by accident that I liked it. It sports a sorta Zydeco feel and a fine melody.

Taco Cha Cha dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

Soft or hard shell makes no difference when you munch or crunch to Romanian accordions in Acapulco (if that's even possible). Soft and moody, and even pretty.

Dancing Goats dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

Ah, the painful moves of the "Dancing Goats." Narrated like a Lou Reed self-mailer, this is just a little silly, and also enjoyable in a closeted kinda way.

Tango Donati dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

Gypsies and campfires, salad dressing and babushkas. Is there nothing sacred? Moderately intriguing in a Mediterranean kinda way.

Spaghetti West dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

Never did I expect to hear an Indian beat and a spaghetti western merged on accordion. Yikes! The best part is that this really works! Just plain cool!

Farewell to Dziadziu dotdotdot
Accordion Surf (Instrumental)

Soft slow and silky, this moody cafe scene backdrops well with a baguette and a glass of Chianti. But wait, after a minute and a half, it begins to rock. Way fun.