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Seks Bomba - Somewhere In This Towndotdotdot
artworkSeks Bomba are easily one of the best bands doing the lounge thing. There are seven very cool instros interspersed between seven unpretentious lounge vocals. The sound of the band is driven by often richly toned post surf or jazz guitar, very powerful and effective bass, well developed and tasteful drums, and excellent organ, which is a rarity these days. The idea is happy hour shallow without the headache, or put another way, art for the trip home.

Vocals include "Happy Hour," "It Takes Two To Tango," "Love Me Parts 1 and 2," the Skyliners approach to "I.R.O.C.," the jazzy "Agua De Beber (Water To Drink)," "Charade," and "Somewhere In This Town." A very fun CD.
Picks: Bomba A Go Go, 5-0-5!!!, Morfina, Sicilian Civilian, Strangely Familiar, Casino Royale, Fresh Perked

Track by Track Review

Bomba A Go Go dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

Rich guitar tone and a whirling organ release an infectious combo number on the world. This is enjoyable and fun, and very well laid down.

5-0-5!!! dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

"5-0-5!!!" is catchy and playful, with great percussion and a nifty riff. The string swipes are tasty, and the roundness of the sound is warm and friendly. The organ break is classic stuff.

Morfina dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

This slow and silky number is maybe somewhere in the territory carved out by the Aqua Velvets and Wes Montgomery. Lazy afternoon smooth, "Morfina" floats across the day like a late summer breeze.

Sicilian Civilian dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

A chumpy chunky choppy Italian boots feel and a great bass line meld together in this groovy number. The organ is really nice here, and the track over all is quite playful.

Strangely Familiar dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

"Strangely Familiar" opens with the sea gently lapping at the shore. The percussion is soft and exotic, and the guitar pours out through sultry vibrato. Then, as the organ comes in, the pace picks up to approximate a cowboy ride in the desert. Lots of changes and cool sounds.

Casino Royale dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

The organ takes the lead in this ultra fun rendering in the theme from the Peter Sellers film. Unpretentious fun.

Fresh Perked dotdotdot
Go Go (Instrumental)

Jazzy drums, funky bass, cool rhythms, and cheesy organ leaking a playful melody line into the dance floor. The lap steel seems somehow as it should be... interesting and fun.