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The Sea Turtles - The Sea Turtlesdotdotdot
artworkNo surf here at all, but The Sea Turtles do present a very pleasant jazz rock sound with plenty of reference points. Great for late nights or rainy afternoons.
Picks: Fastback, The Easy Way, Sleepwalker, Paragon, Painting Fences, Gently, Optimist Man, Jenny Jump Blues

Track by Track Review

Pirates dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

Whammy chords precede a modern rock melody with a glissando or two, and occasional references to The Ventures. "Pirates" is a tasteful instro with a drifting theme that seems less cohesive than instros usually require. A frantic drum solo before the final chords seems out of place.

Hydraview dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

"Hydraview" has a slightly moody feeling, with a a grumbly cool rhythm track. Its jazzy with a bar band kind of energy. Some very interesting chords in the break between the soul instro progressions. A final bending chord and busy drum drop end the song.

Fastback dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

Fretless bass and jazz drums run under a jazzy guitar. The melody and structure are on the exotic side. "Fastback" is an interesting composition.

The Easy Way dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

The melody line here is perhaps influenced by Gabor Szabo a bit, though certainly less psychedelic. "The Easy Way" employs very busy drums, which seem to dominate much of the track. It's an interesting contrast between the drums and the guitar.

Nothing We Can Hold dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

"Nothing We Can Hold" moves slowly and gently with a jazzy slither against fluid fretless bass and delicate drums. It comes to a stop before restarting. It's sometimes mathematical, and other times fluid.

Sleepwalker dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

The guitar, bass, and drum play in sync at first, before the guitar meanders into a fanciful riff. There's an inventive sense about this - perhaps compelling. "Sleepwalker" stops a couple of times, restarting with hypnotic bass pulses. Very original.

Paragon dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

"Paragon" reminds me some of Johnny Smith's work in the early fifties, not aurally, or even stylistically, but from the feeling it conveys. Fanciful and entertaining.

Painting Fences dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

The drums here remind me a bit of the drums in Dave Bruebeck's "Take Five." The melody is kind of liquidy, with gentle afternoon imagery. This grew on my after a couple of listenings.

The Garage dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

The word "garage" in music generally implies something quite different than "The Garage" conveys. Gentle, fluid jazz guitar, smooth fretless bass, and light jazz drums.

Bam Boing dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

Chop chords, floating chords, bass intrusion, manic drums... you'd think they would collide, but alas it seems to work quite well. "Bam Boing" seems more intellectual to me than the title might imply.

Gently dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

Aptly titled, "Gently" floats easily through the air, with bass carrying lead while guitar chords are relayed, with roles switched verse to verse. Quite pretty, in a summer rainy meadow kind of way.

Optimist Man dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

More rock song-like in its structure, "Optimist Man" transcends the jazz and rock line pretty well. Bluesy and jazzy and very enjoyable. Tremolo chords, bass leads, and a rock beat.

Philippians 4:6-7 dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

"Philippians 4:6-7" is a gentle, cool number with a delicate sound and flow, very much in the jazz camp. Pleasant and unintrusive in that splendid backdrop way.

Jenny Jump Blues dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

Rockin' blues jumping verses punctuate jazzier sections and a Cozy Cole-esq drum solo. Extremely well played.